Icons & text

  • Math

    Easily transition from sketch to cut list and fabric requirements

  • Simplify

    Learn to write clear and concise directions

  • Improv

    Writing instructions for improvised quilt patterns

  • Formatting

    Pdf vs printed booklet

  • Consistency

    So your customers know what to expect and easily follow along without questions

  • Testing

    Working with a technical editor or pattern testers

  • Streamline

    EQ8 shortcuts and illustration tips

  • Crowd Pleasers

    Quilters love pressing instructions and multiple quilt sizes in your patterns

  • Distributors

    What to include in your patterns for larger distribution, and what to expect.

I’ve been writing quilt patterns for over 12 years now! Five books, countless patterns, magazine projects, collaborative book projects, and now with my editorial experience with Curated Quilts I’ve seen and written (rewritten too!) a LOT of quilt patterns. Sometimes I’m surprised by what is being written, and I'm excited to offer points of improvement for those already writing patterns. If you are new to writing patterns you are welcome too - you will write great patterns from the start!

12 Weeks of Personalized Content

Come with a pattern you are ready to develop and we will work with your pattern together.


  • When do we start?

    Calls will begin on April 5th, at Noon MST, each Friday I will also have office hours for any questions you might have.

  • Who is this for?

    Quilt pattern designers looking to streamline their process. If you are looking to create shorter development time and less questions from your audience later.

  • What format should I expect?

    This 12-week course is tailored to the small group enrolled and will include coaching and instruction via zoom. Everyone will have opportunity to ask questions specific to their pattern. All zoom sessions are recorded and available for replay within 24-hours inside the classroom.

  • Is there any required software?

    The tools you are currently using to create your patterns will be fine. As long as you are comfortable and confident in what you create with them. I use EQ8 and Illustrator for the majority of my patterns, and will have tips for using both throughout our time together.

Write Better Quilt Patterns

My customers regularly leave rave reviews in my shop about consistently easy-to-follow patterns, and always buying the next one, these reviews make me smile every day. I’d love to help you get there!


Amy Ellis

I'm a best selling author, quilt designer and owner of Amy's Creative Side. I've hosted an online quilt festival for more than 12 years, bringing quilters together to showcase their work and cheer each other on. My passion is to encourage quilters and help them find their creative voice in the midst of our busy lives. Teaching you to trust your creative intuition makes me excited to get out of bed in the mornings! If I'm not quilting or teaching I'm usually hanging out with our family, or walking our dog Gus. With three teens in the house there's always someone in the kitchen looking for a snack and I'm there checking-in on their school work too. I learned to sew garments as a girl, then taught myself to quilt about 20 years ago. I love that quilts don't have to fit anyone, and how unique each quilt is from one maker to the next.

Write Better Quilt Patterns

Space is limited so each designer will have plenty of opportunities to ask specific questions about their pattern. Quickly writing and releasing quilt patterns is possible with a streamlined process and my simple tips.